ada SISI lain untuk semua CERITA…

cuma sebuah depersonifikasi dari jiwa-jiwa yang malang-melintang di dunia…

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Ernest Hemingway would get up in the morning and wrote about four to six hundred words and that would be it. And he would start drinking gin.

That was quoted from David Letterman when he interviewed Lost’s Evangeline Lilly about her aptitude to write fiction. The point is that the process of writing is hard, and even the ones good at it often find it to be ‘the demon’. So that’s why it sometimes took me long to update this page.

Kate on Dave

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

I was thinking about this line while listening to Me and Bobby McGee the other day. Let me tell you why it is so true. I just finished last exam as an undergraduate student, finished the final project report and after I got out of final presentation room that day, I thought, ‘this is it’. Assuming nothing will go wrong in the next week, I am thus officially free. I won’t lose the joy and hardship of undergrad life anymore. I already lost it.

Graduation Class 2010 with President of ICN 2008

Life is waiting.

I had nothing to do at our new apartment in Hougang district that day so I watched The Terminal for like, the third time. Not that it’s very good but I felt good watching it. ┬áThe story is about a man getting stuck in a New York airport with no country, no money, no nothing. He’s simply unacceptable. This surely reflects ans an allegory to our lives at one point or another. I’d say, for my peeps waiting for something to turn out in their lives as I am doing right now, may it be a job, exam results, graduate studies admission or whatever, be patient.

Tom Hanks in another version of "Cast Away"

For you, a thousand times over.

Right before I re-watched The Terminal, I watched Kite Runner (I so got nothing to do, huh?). That reminds me of the novel I finished reading 2 years ago. Since then, how many books have I read? Not much I guess. I got a pile of books bought and waiting to be read, but tonnes of excuses of time spending for other purposes. So as we should listen more than we speak, I think we should really read more than we write. So I would continue on finishing Obama’s Dreams from my Father and write some four to six hundred words again tomorrow. And that would be it.

Even kite doesn't wanna be alone




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