ada SISI lain untuk semua CERITA…

cuma sebuah depersonifikasi dari jiwa-jiwa yang malang-melintang di dunia…

time stands still.

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It is true that we, the facebook generation, sometimes feel closer to people with whom we are connecting every day through the internet no matter how far they are from us.

When our family first moved to our house now, we couldn’t get a telephone line. I wasn’t clear why, but I guessed the connection had been too crowded in the neighborhood that adding up a new line would be more costly. So it was deemed unnecessary, especially it was in year 2000 when cellphone started to spread. Then a decade passed. When internet connection was easily available via Telkom Speedy, we didn’t have a telephone line yet.  But now, you don’t need a phone line to have unlimited connection. It was a year ago, a local provider gave an internet service promotion at Rp 300,000 /mth without charging for the receiver and router. That was totally affordable for most household in town, including ours. As ironic as it might sound, I now write and post this up at home, but you still have to reach me on my cell, with which I can’t call you since I haven’t topped-up the prepaid. Yes, we’re moving through time with or without a phone line, a car, and an annual family vacation.

And so I thought.

Sore kemarin kita pergi makan di Siantan, utaranya Pontianak. Tempatnya klasik a la rumah Pecinan tahun 80an di sini. Cuma mungkin karena usahanya udah makin sukses, lantainya pake ubin bagus. Nah, yang menarik itu ternyata selain menjual chai kue (sejenis dumpling pake sayur), si warung masih ngejual es potong jaman dulu. Ada 3 rasa, bikinnya pake susu coklat, sari duren, ama sari cempedak, dibikin sirup gitu trus bekuin langsung di freezer, jadi es balok. Ada juga rasa jeruk kecil (kalo di luar Ponti gw ga tau nyebutnya apa). Air jeruk kecil masukin kantong plastik yang biasa buat masukin cabe trus di freezer juga. Terakhir gw liat dan makan es begituan tuh entah uda 10 tahun lalu ato lebih. Ga nyangka masih ada yg bikin begituan jaman skrg.

Ini choi pan, tp ga ada poto es potongnya malah…haha…

That place where we ate was not a restaurant. It’s just a house, normal Chinese house in the Chinese populated area of the town. They only have 3 tables inside which is never enough. So we sat in their living room, with a 20″ made in China TV, a fan that seemed to be older than me, a fairly new Honda, and a tiny kitchen just right beyond the staircase where a kettle was boiling. Outside, three families were eating. All came with brand new, shiny cars.

People do get richer in this town, judging from the increasing number of traffic jam every time  I go back. Honda Jazz is everywhere, sneaking around the town traffic with bulky Toyota Innova or huge Nissan Xtrail and Honda CRV of the slightly wealthier. The cars are battling the fierce traffic with motorcycles everywhere. All the Supras, the Yamahas, the Suzukis (name all the Japanese families) , they are getting more and more since now you can take one back with a mere half million rupiahs of down payment. And don’t forget the fancy houses. In a conservative town like this you still couldn’t find apartments (but I heard one is on its way). But house is a must to show wealth. Shiny tiles, high fence, huge pillars, with architectural style that only the designer thinks it’s artistic.

But back to our little dumpling house, inside it was as if time never moves. They’ve been selling the same dishes for God knows how long (I think 15-20 years?). In place like that, the taste don’t change. Neither do the ice cream. Doesn’t really matter how many billions the people in this town had made, inside they’re still struggling to make the same penny with the same old recipe. Only prices are adjusted to inflation.

So businesses have been good for a lot of people in town. But it doesn’t work for everybody. I know that papa’s bankbook was never big enough to send any of his kids to any good college out of town (I was just lucky enough peeps).  And it’s not getting any better now. It’s still the same old struggling for the same penny at home, too, with the same old office in the old neighborhood  now full of expensive cars. So despite now my sister does play facebook and update her twitter status almost every hour in school break, the other part of the house is somehow, stands still in time.

the first time change came in 2000s, they built this in town

Eventually it’s the economic change that affect our town the most. I’m not really sure yet how they did it, I guess it started with loggings, illegal loggings, many logistics businesses, big retailers who sell things from sugar to underwear to all the middle class families, export and import of practically anything (from fertilizer to instant food), raw commodities of rubber or palm oil somewhere in Tayan, the three-stars hotels, and anything else they can turn into gold. Some thought on this were, money enables people to change their life culture. Ten years ago junk food was the food for wealthy people. Now, junk food is for everybody middle-classed. Wealthier people look for traditional home-made dumpling and go for an expensive vacation to Singapore or China or Thailand. And they send their kids to study in Malaysia or Australia. My thought is, our parents bring the economic change and the kids, the foreign educated ones, bring the cultural and lifestyle changes.

I live in between the change and the stillness, so it is more evident to me than others. I practically live in a foreign country now, but back home there’s always this feeling of good ol’ days. And I still slightly more believe in the depth of mind rather than depth of pocket. God knows whether or how long it will last.




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January 2, 2010 at 4:31 pm

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  1. mantaps!


    January 2, 2010 at 10:12 pm

  2. rapi sekali… great!


    January 3, 2010 at 12:21 am

  3. chai kue nya ga sbanyak itu de prasaan… XD


    January 3, 2010 at 1:18 pm

  4. apik! i think i like this post the most (so far).. um.. sometimes the feeling of the “old times” is something that we always try to find.. we wish to be at that moment yet once again… i just want to go back………… 😦


    January 3, 2010 at 8:30 pm

  5. old good times, if only it could stand still as that… 🙂 dumplingnya enak keknyaaa


    January 9, 2010 at 11:26 am

  6. iya emang enak bun X)
    dah balik sg lu?


    January 9, 2010 at 11:27 am

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