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I am (not) a blogger. An update on hiatus.

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I haven’t been writing for like, forever. Reason being is that, judging from everything that has happened in the past few months, there is no perspective I can convey with good sense of optimism. I do think it’s important to take on a perspective and write it in a way that can make people smile or laugh.

I’m just so done with writing about myself. It could get too deep knowing that nobody reading it can really understand. It annoys me to talk to people who can’t hear me. Then why talking to the whole world? Probably a desperate attempt to find somebody who can hear. Or probably not. Probably we’re just looking for a way to say those feelings out.

I do respect and even admire some emotional thoughts written in a blog. I don’t pay much attention to trivial daily activities written in a blog (though when it comes to opinions and feelings it often caught me). Thought I admit it fascinates me to read and eventually learn more about people whom I’m interested in.

Myself. I can write a lot about Orwell’s 1984 but I never do. I don’t write about us hanging out drinking last night. And how I anyhow ordered the graveyard cocktail (you’d be surprise knowing what’s inside the mix. I myself am).┬áInstead I blabbered some random thoughts. In other words, I’m just not a true blogger. I don’t aim to please. I don’t aim to share. I just write.

Finally, to end this long blogging hiatus, let me at least be a good blogger and give some short updates about myself. I’ll do it in bullet form. I’m trained to do so.

  • I did my last work as a student organizer during orientation camp and school welcome week last August. I’m so retired now and somehow I got to understand the feeling of a 60-year old retirees.
  • I forgot what’s happening in September. Probably I was sleeping throughout the whole month. Somebody woke me up when it ended (yes, it’s an allusion and yes, I’m just being lazy to tell).
  • October was tough, full of projects and stuffs made me feel I’d rather go back to sleep in September. And 21st Oct was the day that I died. No need explaining why. I’m not even sure it was the exact date.
  • November was funny. For one week I was not a student of my own school (I never much of one actually). Another week I found myself desolated and suffocated with exams and stuffs. And near the end of it I was, sort of, mixed with fascination and fright. Anyway, I became one of the ‘tweeps‘ (thanks to a tweep that has done more than making twitter fun to me). That’s more worth mentioning I guess. =)
  • Now that December has come, I’m so busy with FYP (yeah, right). Three and half years and it’s all down to this project. ┬áI should fret. Or at least worry a bit. I am worried. And starting to enjoy it though. Must pull some things together, stack of overdue stuffs like QEM application. Need to make up my mind for some things. But I guess it’ll take two more weeks before I can conclude this year.

Now that’s pretty much about it peeps. For the first time I write something like this. Hope you don’t get bored. Oh, I forgot. To old friends anywhere in the world. I missed those times much I couldn’t tell you how much. It just won’t do you guys any justice to just say ‘Hi’ and tell you all this in this blog. But quoting Dylan, we’ll meet again someday on the avenue.




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